Financial and Administrative Consultant

For Loan 2232-BAN: Improvement of Capital Market and Insurance Governance Project


Securities and Exchange Commission, Ministry of Finance, Government of Bangladesh will recruit a Financial and Administrative Consultant (24 person-months). The candidate should be a national of Bangladesh, who shall have more than 5 years of experience in project management and implementation. Experience on the development of a financial sector and/or a capital market and the participation in donor-funded projects in the past will be desirable.

The Consultant shall:

         i.            assist the project coordinator of the project management unit (PMU) to implement the TA loan;

       ii.            assist the project coordinator of PMU with accounting and financial management;

      iii.            collaborate with all consultants and liaise with the ADB project officer; and

      iv.            undertake any other businesses linked to the TA loan, as appropriate


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